Parts and supplies wish list

Purchasable Components


  • Windshield wiper motors (any make or model)
  • Car door window motors (any make or model)
  • Wheelchair - Salvius weighs about 150 lbs which can often make the transport process to and from various events somewhat challenging. We are currently looking to acquire a wheelchair (used or new) that the robot can sit in so we can move him places. A donation would be extremely appreciated.

Other Items

  • Mini ITX motherboard (which supports 16GB (or more) memory and an Intel i7 processor) - Having one of these small motherboards would be incredibly useful for building an image and audio processing server for the robot. We are looking to build an on board server for the robot that can run complex tasks such as speech recognition and image processing tasks like object recognition and OCR.
  • Google Fi sim card
  • USB SIM card adapter

How to Contribute Parts and Supplies

Salvius is an open source robot made using recycled materials. If you have items that you would like to donate to the project, contact